After beautiful young Duckie, (the hardest working screenwriter NOT in show biz), decides to enter a million dollar internet film contest that she MUST win if she’s to finally end her miserable marriage to aging, materialistic Lars, she enlists Lucinda, her best friend, to recruit ‘talent.’ Since Lucinda’s boyfriend, Glenn, is an aspiring actor, albeit one with a drinking problem, he comes onboard along with his best buddy, Angel.

Things soon take a turn for the worse at the ‘first and last rehearsal’ when Angel’s perfectionism butts heads with Duckie’s need to wrap the film quickly so they can meet the contest’s impending deadline. Sparks nonetheless fly between Angel and Duckie, and by the time the film shoot wraps, it’s clear they’re meant for each other. Complicating matters, and as Glenn and Lucinda grow increasingly jealous of Angel and Duckie’s budding relationship, they effect their own plan to achieve Hollywood fame and fortune. Meanwhile, Angel hires Duckie to write a feature film and Lars’ suspicions intensify as his marriage deteriorates even further.

As Angel and Duckie fall in love, Angel faces a huge moral dilemma concerning both her and Glenn. Lucinda and Glenn part ways and Lars kidnaps the local Pizza Dude and forces him to deliver a powerful message to Duckie (and Angel). As Duckie unwittingly becomes more tangled in Angel’s web, a conspiracy is revealed, and Duckie is faced with her biggest nightmare: A surprise twist you’ll never forget!

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