Niels Cederfeld’s feature film, Angel City, is a very unique and complex story that challenged him creatively – not only as a producer and director, but also as an actor. Originally from Denmark, Niels came to Los Angeles about 10 years ago and started crafting his own music and film projects while attending Musicians Institute and Stella Adler Academy (of acting) in Hollywood. After launching his film production company, Circadian Rhythms Corporation, he produced and directed the darkly comedic 30 minute short, A Hollywood Rhapsody. He soon joined forces with fellow writer/director, Sally Hughes, and completed the action-comedy spoof, Yan Dash! (another 30 minute short).

Niels then dove into Angel City, a full-fledged indie feature to which he’s dedicated his heart and soul. And while he hopes Angel City will be a success in its own right, he's just as hopeful that it'll be a stepping-stone to his next feature, the ‘fish SO out of water that he’s nearly sushi’ comedy, To Be Or Not To Be Loved.

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