Although the production process of Angel City was certainly challenging, my prior experiences with two low-budget indie films (A Hollywood Rhapsody and Yan Dash!) enabled me to ‘rise to the challenge’ and ultimately wrap with hours of great footage. At the time, all this footage seemed like a major accomplishment (not to mention a huge blessing), especially since we’d kept to such a rigorous shooting schedule with a skeleton crew (as in one lone DP!).

Yet, as I forged ahead into post-production, having ‘hours of great footage’ soon turned into my worst nightmare. For starters, I’d shot several scenes - no, make that several sequences - which based upon the ninety-something page script, would certainly adhere to the 90 minute ‘running time’ that most film festivals require. Yet, as soon as I began cutting the film, I realized that I’d have to ‘kill my darlings’ by eliminating entire sequences that I really loved. Since the finished film has so many twists and turns (as it is) and I don’t want to give away the surprise ending, suffice it to say that burning a rubber duck for the sake of higher art was no easy feat in of itself, yet, to think that (that) poor rubber bastard gave it his all and now lies on my cutting room floor is just absolutely horrific. In addition, there’s that live action ‘quacking’ sequence in the mental ward which was completely eliminated due to those festival running time constraints. And if that’s not enough of a ‘war story,’ I had to cut my best buddy out of the film’s opening and totally rework it (PLUS the entire ending) far too many times to remember. Then, adding even more to my dismay, two of the four original songs I’d co-written and produced expressly for those sequences I’d just been forced to eliminate ultimately had to be axed.

So, if I can say anything else about ‘the making of Angel City,’ it is this: If you’re a fan of the film, PLEASE make sure to watch the outtakes when our DVD is released (and/or is on our web site). And remember: an innocent rubber duck gave his life for this film (so don’t ‘duck’ out of our screenings)!!

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