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Isabella DenHartigh (Duckie) came to the United States from a very small town in New Zealand ‘with big dreams of this incredible country.’ She'd done some modeling and acting before coming to LA and was thrilled to be chosen by Niels Cederfeld for a principal role in Angel City. She says Niels was completely committed to making a great movie and gave her a great start in the business. It was an incredible experience and this last year has been a whirlwind. Since completion of principal photography, she’s been to the Cannes Film Festival and enjoyed leading rolls in two other films. She found she loves bringing a character to life that is only on paper before filming starts. And in between shoots, she loves snowboarding, riding horses, and traveling.

Kimberley Bosso
(Lucinda) “I saw this coming,” recites actress Kimberley Bosso about entering the acting field. A singer for 8 years, Kimberley fell into acting purely by fluke when her then actor boyfriend gave her headshot to a director who cast her in her first feature film. Kimberley threw herself into studying privately with some of Hollywood’s most prestigious coaches and hasn’t looked back since. She's sunk her teeth into juicy roles in the comedies Sweet Oranges and Unemployed and as “Rachel” in award-winning filmmaker Tony Spire’s film Tears of a Clown starring D.C. Curry. She’s excited to be one of the stars of the dramedy Angel City and loves challenging herself and working under diligent directors who aren’t afraid to push her. She’s very grateful for all of her experiences and is looking forward to many more.
  Allen Burns (Glenn) came to Hollywood in 1999 from Aspen, Colorado. As a member of the Aspen Theatre Company, Allen was fortunate to study under famed Broadway Director Herman Edel. In Los Angeles, his training includes the famous "Groundlings Theatre" as well as private study from Joey Paul, Stephanie Nash, and many others. In the last three years, he's appeared in 11 independent films and was recently cast in two leading roles for the summer of 2006. Born in Birmingham, Alabama, he was raised near St. Louis, and has lived and worked in Dallas, Naples, Chicago, and Las Vegas.
Scott Ferguson (Pizza Dude) came to Los Angeles from Cleveland in the 1990’s and has worked in television, commercials, and theater. When he's not performing, Scott enjoys his role as a successful business owner with chain of nine Southern California tanning salons. However, as his true passion remains acting, working with Niels Cederfeld on Angel City was 'a dream come true' and he's loving life on the big screen.
  Craig Aaland (Lars) is an actor from Southern California who loves to entertain others. He's appeared in television shows including Arrest & Trial, Animal Planet, Courage, and Crime Strike as well as commercials, community theater productions, and independent films. In between acting jobs, he enjoys his work with an actor’s support group that he initiated a while back. The group meets regularly to discuss the business of acting and provide encouragement and motivation and Craig’s been inspirational in motivating actors, writers, and students, and teaching them how to market themselves and network with other industry professionals.
  Greg Capp (Director of Photography) is a 'strapping young lad with a passion for lighting such beautiful ladies as Kimberley Bosso and Isabella DenHartigh.' In Los Angeles for five years, Greg has worked hard to continue learning his craft and is proud to have corroborated with Niels on Angel City.
    Niels Cederfeld (Director/Producer/Actor/'Angel') For more information about Niels, please see his Producer/Director Bio.
  Sally Hughes (Screenwriter) Upon graduating with honors from Georgia State University with a BA Film & Video, Ms. Hughes moved to Manhattan to study advanced film production at New York University. While in NYC, she wrote, directed, and produced several short films, including one in Amsterdam, and completed three screenwriter-for-hire assignments. After relocating to Los Angeles to pursue her cinematic career, she produced, wrote, and directed several shorts including Sex, Lies & Ravioli (a finalist) and Yan Dash! (which showcased at Rooftop Films in NYC), and her sketch comedies were featured at the The LA Comedy Store’s "Best of LA Comedy Showcase." Other noteworthy gigs include writing and producing segments for NBC's Hip Hop Nation, Fox Sports' Playground Earth, and working as a lyricist.
  David Aldo (Recording Artist) produces & performs two original songs (written by Niels Cederfeld and Sally Hughes) for the Angel City feature film soundtrack. Born in Wallsend, England, David emigrated to South Africa with his parents and two sisters prior to relocating to Los Angeles to pursue his musical career. (For more information, please visit

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